A company dedicated to the professional beauty, with a history about 35 years, OPI was a family business, which subsequently became the largest brand of professional nails care from all around the world. Being a leader in the beauty industry and nails care, OPI has proposed to offer its clients only products of superior quality, backed by an entire team of professionals whose goal is the safety of consumers. OPI is recognized and to the fact that it has a complete range of over 200 professional shades, what provides to its clients a high level of professionalism.

OPI - A real game of colors

With varied products, OPI, launches each season a unique palette of colors that can be matched to any outfit and fit every woman. The majority of Hollywood stars use the OPI products, declaring themselves extremely satisfied with them, stars like: Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Serena Williams, Selena Gomez, or Mariah Carey are just a few celebrities that use the OPI products.

OPI has a wide range of products, a brush that does wonders. Thus, the PRO Wide Brush makes the nail Polish to be applied extremely easily and quickly, without the need of finishing touches, having a perfect uniform, and the color dries very quickly and lasts. The shades are varied, for every taste for OPI combines very well the classic and contemporary, with warm shades and cold, nacre and mate, until the violent or sweet, casual or glam.

The OPI nail varnishes are enriched with a formula designed with extracts of silk, for a smoothing and finishing the shining, don't let the imperfections. Nail Polish does not affect the nails, do not turn yellow, keeping them resistant and finished. Also, it is not peeling, but it removes extremely easily. The nails are dressed in shades that attract the attention of anyone, with a captivating glow and an irresistible look and an exquisite gloss.

Also, OPI put at your disposal a complete range of treatments that strengthen nails, being intended in particular nails brittle and fragile. OPI Nail Envy Original contains formulas enriched with protein, extract of wheat and calcium that transform your nails, making them more fortified, stronger and longer. In just one month, exfoliate nails are completely healed, applying it every day in a layer, and after a week, remove with acetone and resume treatment.

OPI has logged over 200 shades, for each and every season and for every taste. These products include romance, seduction, elegance, and splendor, being intended for all women. In other words, reliable sources of inspiration for many creators and lovers of the beautiful.

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