Paese is a Polish brand of professional products for make-up that uses only ingredients of natural origin. it specifically takes care of high quality of its cosmetics. These products combines aesthetics with maintaining a healthy skin, and observing the daily ritual care by satisfying all make-up needs. 

Otherwise said, Paese, is distinguished in particular by elegance, harmony, originality and ingredients that moisturizes skin. All of Paese products are based on substances and raw materials extracted from richness of nature and effects of hard work from modern laboratories. All of our products contain ingredients like Vitamin C, A PP, B an E complexes, argan oil, rice, bamboo, waxes, minerals.

Paese products  succeed to hydrate, brighten and feed the skin, with a triple action: moisturizing, reducing dark circles and having an intensive anti-age effect.

A complete line of professional products

Considering that the products address to all skin types, Paese brings out the beauty by providing make-up products that do the skin look irresistible. Such as, Paese foundations cover extremely well and brighten the skin, being the ideal choice for every type of complexion. 

Paese comes with seven foundations, intended for the needs of each person, regardless for each type of skin. If it is about a combination skin, Expert Matte Foundation offers a balance between the areas of the face, such as in the T-zone,were there will be no more problems with excess oil, and your complexion will not require a layer of powder to mattify. 

The main ingredients are vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, mattifying microsponges that absorb the excess sebum, providing mattifying and last but not least, the titanium oxide which offers protection against UV rays. This product does not contain parabens.

Pease Long Cover is a foundation addressed to dry or normal skin. With a light consistency harmonizes perfectly the color of the skin, covering imperfections, making skin look fresh and radiant throughout the day, without the need for other finishing touches. Pease Long Cover moisturizes and soothes the skin irritations with the help of A, C, E and B5 vitamins. The product is easy to use and does not leave marks on clothes.

Paese Camouflage it is a product that is found in six different shades, perfect for all skin tones, being an ideal basis and a product highly pigmented, which offers a natural texture, perfect to hide the traces of redness, blemishes, dark circles, under eye bags or wrinkles. The concealer is ideal because it has a big resistance and is suitable for every skin type. Its innovative carnauba wax moisturizes and bee wax nourishes the skin.

Also, Paese offers a wide range of make-up that do not contain preservatives and can be applied with ease as it illuminates, reduce the signs of fatigue, improves microcirculation, providing shine and beauty for a long time. The prices of the products are affordable to any pocket, the products being intended for the most exclusive places in the world.


So, Paese is the brand of the perfect elections.

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