Parlux is an Italian modern and dynamic company that offers innovative technologies in design, assembly, testing and assistance in terms of professional products for hair care. Parlux collaborates with the most modern hairdressers and meets the most demanding needs, featuring a wide range of professional products that meet the requirements, proving performance and reliability.

Parlux products have an aesthetic design, clear lines, and simple which guarantee ergonomics and perfect simplicity of use. Simplicity is the main feature of the Parlux products, being made of modern materials of high quality.

The quality and durability define the Parlux products, such that each motor of the equipment guarantees at least 2000 hours of operation and maximum efficiency. Temperature can be calibrated, they are silent, have no vibration, which gives them balance. Also, they are characterized by a superior quality, reliability and meet the highest international standards and safety, being made from stronger materials, including on the outside.

In all of these standards fall and Parlux hair dryers, used by the professionals that offer outstanding results. With a modern design, the Parlux dryer maintains the health of your hair, it is extremely easy to use, with a cable of 3 m length. Thanks to ionic and ceramic technology, the dryer has a power of 2150 W, which allows a quick drying, has 4 increments of temperature, 2 speeds and a button for cooling. 

The product offers a perfect fit drying, combining modern technology with attractive design. It is a practical product which ensures performance due to the ceramic component that releases ions, giving the hair shine and a pleasant appearance.

The highest performing secures them and the Parlux hair curler which ensures the getting of the most spectacular loops. Provided with a handle fixed cable rotary knob and light switch, Parlux curler offers the best quality and the most beautiful hairstyles.

The accuracy and the quality of their word when it comes to this product because it has the ability to evenly distribute heat on the hair strands, protects them and does not degrade in any way, being recommended by specialists in hairstyling to get attractive and sexy curls that back looks.

So, for a plus of shine and performance, the Parlux products are specifically designed for the most seductive hairstyles.