Shampoo is a product that is extremely old, dating back since ancient times in India, being used by the tribes. The word "shampoo" is one English derivative from the hindi, "Chimpo", this notion being introduced in the year 1762. In hindi, "Chimpo" means massaging the scalp with hair oil. Subsequently, this concept was taken over by Britain through Sake Dean Mohamed, a well-known entrepreneur at the time of Bengali.

This entrepreneur has opened together with his wife a bath with vapor steam, giving customers the therapeutic massage with this product. Although it is created a confusion in this regard, the inventor of the shampoo was actually Kasey Herbert, who in 1860 he used this concept for washing the scalp and hair. Then, they were introduced tensioactivii natural in the shampoo original, making it a kind of detergent.

The shampoo is a cleaning agent for the hair and scalp, and the main ingredient in its composition is the detergent. It is composed of different surfactants, among which, the effect of cleaning and foaming, surfactant for conditioning, but also additives which give hair the beauty. It is presented under different forms: liquids, creams, pastes or aerosols, but for the most part, the shampoos are in the form of liquid. This product has a lot of benefits, besides cleaning the hair, it gives it more volume, removes dandruff and makes it easier to set up, however, depending on the needs of the hair. The beauty industry provides us different shampoos, depending on hair type, the problems with which it is confronted, depending on hygiene habits, age, the period of the year or depending on the degree of professionalism.

Shampoos professional, compared with the commercial ones are increasingly recommended by professionals in salons because they are more concentrated than the usual ones, were innovative formulas for each problem that may face your hair and have it offers the results from the first use. To be able to opt for a shampoo according to it is necessary first to know what kind of hair we have or what problems we are facing.

In the case of a par with the trends of ramming, a shampoo for oily hair would be the most indicated because it contains detergents for cleaning, and the level of conditioning is a small one to avoid breeding in the future. The effective which can be the basis for a shampoo for oily hair, could be: the wood of Panama, who struggle to reduce the seborrhea, the oil of the falls which has an antibacterial action, the tannin with the role astringent or clay that effectively absorbs excess sebum.

Shampoos for dry hair cleans gently the hair, giving it a good conditioning. The ingredients that can be the basis of these shampoos are: avocado oil, castor oil, oil of mink or fatty acids.

In the case of dyed hair, shampoos for dyed hair are the most suitable for the role to maintain the color and brilliance. Shampoos in this category nourish and fortify strands of hair from the root and up to the peaks, protecting the intensity of the color. The most suitable shampoos are the ones based on vitamin E, protein, antioxidants and UV filters.

Shampoos for hair growth gives vitality, strengthening the hair and rejuvenating and activates the blood circulation in the scalp, having beneficial effects against hair loss, stimulating at the same time the regeneration of cells.
Shampoos professional are designed for different needs and for all types of hair, it is recommended to get rid of the problems with which are facing hair or scalp.

The process of care of hair could be a rather costly and tedious. In the case in which the shampoo and conditioner are chosen properly, then this could take shape, and we, women, we could enjoy a beautiful and healthy hair without too many efforts.

Shampoos were introduced in 1930, but before that, most people used soap. What's so special shampoos? Well, they are specifically designed to remove sebum of the scalp and of the hair. Sebum is an oil Natural produced by the scalp, but in excess, it makes your hair look more oily and more prone to dirt. If a shampoo removes excess sebum from the scalp and hair, then this again is not good for their hair might become dry, devoid of vitality and very rebellious. This problem can be corrected but with the help of a moisturizing balm, specialists say, that we could get rid of the dry appearance of the hair.

The challenge facing most manufacturers of shampoo is not necessarily in the removal of sebum, but this product should leave your hair clean and conditioned. In general, there are two types of shampoos: the therapeutic and non-therapeutic. They do the same thing as the shampoos of commerce, in contrast, a therapeutic shampoo or professional has the role to cleanse the hair and scalp, but also to embellish it at the same time, making it more shiny.

Shampoos professional are used to treat specific diseases of the scalp,

- such as dandruff, psoriasis, scalp sensitive or dry hair, but some issues will require you to consult a dermatologist to be able to find solutions that are appropriate. Shampoos professional are the most beloved by specialists in hair Styling, but by the customers due to the smell very pleasant, due to the efficiency and last but not least, due to the fact that I don't contain so many harmful substances such as those of commerce, which means that some of them are free of silicones, sulfates, phosphates, and even parabens.

Also, shampoos professional include a wide range of products, of a superior quality and that is why their price is slightly higher, but these include many products that take care of all the needs of the hair: shampoo antimatreața, shampoo for sensitive scalp, shampoo for oily hair, shampoo for dry hair or shampoo for color treated hair. All of these represent a small part of the categories of professional products, which manage to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The most common brands in terms of hair care can be found on Glemis.en: Moroccanoil, Keune, Londa Professioanl, Joico, L'Oréal Professionnel or Wella Professionals are just a few of the brands that include shampoos specific to all the needs of the hair and of the scalp. A professional shampoo might cost a little more, but its results are incomparable because it leaves the hair clean and beautifies the hair, improving also and the texture.

Our hair deserves everything that is best, ingredients as natural and of high quality, and shampoos professional fail to fulfill most of these conditions so that they keep the bacterial microflora which is located at the level of the scalp, respecting the film low-fat diet at the level of the hair. Another advantage of shampoos professional is that are milder, but also more concentrated, so that your hair and scalp will receive the care they need.

When samponeaza the hair, the scalp should be massaged through the circular movements, and the application is made after the necessity. It is recommended to do twice because the first application is designed to remove excess sebum or products Styling at the level of the hair and the second shampoo will gently cleanse your hair and will prepare for the next stage of treatment. Also, after it was applied the shampoo, your hair blot with a towel to avoid damaging the cuticle of the hair, and then apply a balm or a moisturizing mask.

The shampoos of the trade waste in front of the professional to have in their composition a lot of water, dyes, parabens or silicones, and this makes the process of treatment to be more difficult for the hair and scalp need vitamins, minerals, oils and agents of treatment to combat a certain problem.

Use in die repeatedly to the apparatus of the styler, as well as the plate of hair, the curler, and dye repeatedly hair will affect the hair shaft and that's why there are professional products designed for each need in part. On Glemis.en you will have the opportunity to choose the best shampoos from the most famous brands that match the needs of your hair.

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