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Almond oil for skin and hair

Almond oil

Dry skin can cause many troubles and may even lead to dermatological problems, such as a dry skin is more prone to wrinkles, it can dry more quickly and also

Jojoba oil for hair and for skin

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is suitable for any hair type and it is like a serum what what gives the shine to the scalp capillaries. It has the role to maintain the humidity at the level of the hair

Professional cosmetics from Babor for sensitive skin

Babor for sensitive skin

According to a study, 60% of people experiencing a sensitive skin. This skin type reacts faster and more powerful than a normal skin, and the factors that lead to the confrontation with a sensitive skin are.

The benefits of argan oil for skin and for hair

The benefits of oil of argan

Argan oil has extremely many uses, including in food. It can be used successfully as a dressing in salads. It is very good due to the fact that help lower cholesterol and prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases

The best creams for oily skin

The best creams for oily skin

Oily skin is totally different from dry skin for as, if the land requires hydration, the fat, secreting so much sebum that can clog pores, and this leads to the appearance of pimples or blackheads.

The best treatments for acne

The best treatments for acne

Acne is generally a condition that occurs at puberty, but it can manifest itself throughout life or in certain periods.

What happens with the skin in spring?

Skin care spring

With the coming of spring we are faced with more and more problems other skin due to the change of temperature. Besides this, the complexion has suffered and due to the fact as the temperatures begin to rise,