Stilizeaza your eyebrows like a pro !

Stilizeaza your eyebrows

Always eyebrows have the role of shaping the face, creating a delicate image, elongated and perfect. Sure that women resort to all sorts of tricks, the complicated strategies of makeup to have the perfect eyebrows, but many times they do not have the desired effect and create a picture unfavorable. Women who want a chip harmoniously and to put you in the track of the fine traits of the girl, you have to know very well what are the rules that must be followed to achieve this.

In the field of beauty, the importance of the eyebrows was really intensified because it is considered that this would be the most enjoyable feature of the face. That being said, it is important to pay more attention to the cosmetizarii their. Here are the trends in 2017 for arranging the eyebrows.

Tips from the professionals for styling your eyebrows

In 2017 the beauty industry say that the shape of the eyebrows should operate in the direction of the natural. If last year they were eyebrows colored, with glitter, arranged in different ways fantezistice, well, this year they are not at all in vogue these types of extravagant. On the contrary, the specialists consider that it is not advisable to call all of these "fireworks" to be in vogue.

In case you e one of the lucky women who have the eyebrows thick, then you don have to have absolutely no care for stylists advise us to not use paint, but to leave the color as Naturala. So, well say goodbye to the trend boyish brow and eyebrows ultraevidentiate, relying instead on the wires rich, full, but the contours of the female. Eyebrows need touching a Specialist, which give them a beautiful shape, what you will highlight your face and that you can manages then home. Turning to the moisturizing oils, such as argan or castor; the threads will be shiny and healthy, and you will not be no more than the bristles in the desired shape before leaving home.

You e one of the women with enough skill that you can clamp only, home ? Well, in this case it would be advisable to know a few tricks that will help you to have beautiful eyebrows . Here are tips professionals :

  • First of all, if you want a picture of the enviable, will need to use the tweezers good, clean and with the legs fine. If it is too serrated or big, the process will take longer and will cause pain. You need to focus on every strand of hair and pull slightly.
  • Then, the skin must be very neat and smoothed in around the eyebrows. When the skin is delicate, the hair slide better. If the skin is dry, pensatul will be more painful. Clip-you after what you did took warm water it leaves the skin moisturized. You can also to moisten a cloth in hot water and then let it sit on your eyebrows for 2 minutes. Will open the pores, making the process more simple. Apply a lotion on your eyebrows to give them the delicacy and make them easier to pluck.
  • The direction of growth of the eyebrows is very important when it comes to doing my eyebrows. in most cases, the hair grows towards the hair line. In others, these ridges in several directions. You have to hold that clamp in the direction of hair growth.
  • The tweezers must be attire the same as a pencil, with the opening in the top. To practice you will need to close a couple of times to learn the move.
  • Also, the ends of the tweezers should be placed at the root of the hair, so shoot in the direction of root growth. Continue doing this until you finish taking off both eyebrows. Sometimes you can tear your eyes and you will feel itch in the nose area but it is absolutely normal.

Before you start styling your eyebrows will have to fasten the place where you should start. This differs from one person to another, but the technique the following is valid for anyone. Take a eyebrow pencil or another long instrument and placed in the vertical line at the upper internal corner of the eye at the end of the nose. Use a white pencil to make a mark above the spot in which it passes over the eyebrow. From here you should start plucking. Put the sign a little further or closer. This technique will show where your eyebrow should start, but personal preferences may vary. Make sure you primarily using a tool thin, something thick you will ruin the plan of building sprancenei.

Eyebrows arched beautifully around the eyes do with the safety of the difference image of women. So, with the help of the pencil liniaza the outer corner of the sprancenei with the exterior of the nose and the outside of the iris. Marks the spot in which would have to be the bow and repeat for the other eyebrow. Next, find out where to end the eyebrow. This time place the tool at the outer corner of the nose to the outside of the eye. Marks the place in which it falls on your eyebrow. Here it should be over the eyebrow.

The thickness of the eyebrows depends on your face shape, but also of the chosen style or design of your face. So, a woman with big eyes will have to balance it with thick eyebrows, and if you have small eyes, you balance it with the eyebrows thin.

In addition, the space between the eyebrows and the eyes is very important. In the case in which the eyebrows are placed on the forehead, top, you have to choose the eyebrows thicker to fit harmoniously the face, but if you have eyebrows low, close than eyes, choose the eyebrows thinner, so as not to let cumbersome on the eyes.

After stilizezi eyebrows, you can accentuate the shape by using a shadow according to the. Try the full kit for defining eyebrows – Complete Brow Defining Kit – Ardell. Do not use never eye shadow or black pencil because it will toughen very much the look. Use eye shadow or pencil in shades of light brown or dark, depending on the color of the hair.

After applying the shadow you choose a gel for your eyebrows or a special wax for finishing the appearance sprancenei.

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