Gianni Versace or Versace is an Italian company, founded in 1978 and recognized to be a luxury brand of fashion. Versace has in its collection a wide range of clothing, accessories leather, jewelry, cosmetics, furniture or perfume. Also, the brand is recognized as having flashy prints and bright colors. The Logo of Versace is a head of medusa, which represents a mythological figure. It was inspired by the ruins of Rome in which the Versace brothers have played. Gianni Versace chose the medusa as a logo because it made the people fall in love with her, without a way back.

Since the creation of the first perfume Versace, in 1981, the Italian brand has continued to achieve the flavors and to allow them all over the world: luxurious, shiny and sensual.

Modern perfumes and full of charm

The first perfume Versace, in 1981 was the one intended for women. Although the brand has expanded its line of perfumes, giving them men and flavors indescribable, perfumes for women are those that evoke passion and sensuality. One of these perfumes is Versace Crystal Noir, which is a real gem in terms of flavor, being a floral-oriental scent, inspired by a diamond facets. The scent was launched in 2004 and is a rare essence because of mix tones of ginger, pepper, and cardamom with the African orange blossom, coconut, sensual peony and delicate gardenia. The notes base of this fragrance is musk, sandalwood or amber, which provides a unique experience both for the one who wears it and for those around you.

Another floral-woody fragrance with tradition is Versace Woman, created in the 2000s to help you walk on a charming road fresh leaves of jasmine, combined with bergamot or the rose. The subtle notes of plum, raspberry, cedar and lotus ii reveals femininity and grace, and the base notes are amber and musk, what manage to surprise always on the people next to you. Due to its composition of the day, this fragrance can be used both day and night.

A special shine offers you and the fragrance, Versace Bright Crystal, with magnolia, lotus flower, and pomegranate, blended with amber and musk. The fragrance is sweet, being intended for all women so that it can be worn at any time of the day. The agreements of the ice, peony, and wood, make it a floral-fruity fragrance, with woody notes, which draws attention anytime and anywhere.

After the success of the range male of the perfume of Eros, Versace has introduced the range for women, too, Versace Eros Pour Femme. Eros is the god of love, and the fragrance is one that highlights the sensuality and the true power of a woman. With this fragrance, you will inevitably become a goddess of beauty, combining fine and elegant aspects. Sicilian lemon, pomegranate or bergamot from Calabria will feel from the beginning, and in the heart of the perfume stand essences of the flower of lemons, jasmine, and peony. The base notes are those of woods, such as sandalwood, musk and ambroxol that give energy and freshness.

In the line of perfumes for men take part Versace Eros too, specifically designed for powerful and passionate men, also the Eros god. The fragrance evokes sensuality and power, but at the same time,  desire, passion, and love. The essence is one male because of its mint, apple, and lemon, mixed with tonka bean, geranium and ambroxol that conveys a flavor unmistakable and unique. The base notes of the fragrance are vanilla, vetiver, cedar, making it strong and refreshing. Finally, the fragrance evokes the idea of seduction winning streak.

Versace pours Homme is the version for men, what inspires freshness trust and harmony. The top notes are extract from bitter orange, bergamot, lemon and orange blossom which gives the fragrance an air of freshness and continues with middle notes of hyacinth, geranium, and sage. 

The base notes of this fragrance are musk, amber, cedar, tonka and agar, which give the fragrance a woody aura and warm. Versace pour Homme is intended for the contemporary man and confident in your own strengths, being an ideal fragrance for any time of the day.