In 1964, Vitality's began its activity in Italy, being a small laboratory of cosmetic products. Today, the company has expanded its business in over 80 countries around the world, reaching to become one of the largest companies of Italy cosmetics.

Vitality's combines scientific research with innovation and pay more attention to nature and the active ingredients that create products for professional beauty for those who follow a beauty ritual.

Life in the hair

Vitality's advocate for a healthy scalp, making the products accessible to every person who wants a beautiful hair. This brand offers products carefully tested in the laboratory to provide the hair health, but also safety, whether it's about dye, shampoo, conditioner, or hair treatments.

For an intense volume, Truth Vitality's Shampoo True Volume is perfect, with superior quality. 

This shampoo has an anti-aging effect for chemical hair treated, combat loss hair, helping him, giving it volume, shine and strength. Its Formula enriched with a unique blend of peptides, powerful antioxidants and vitamins fight to rebuild the hairs from the root. With a complex of ingredients beneficial to fight against hair loss, it is designed with peptides, caffeine, ferulic acid, E vitamin, carrot oil, A vitamin, and beta-carotene, which strengthen and support the hair in its entirety. Also, it does not contain sulfates or parabens. With a regular use, your hair will become stronger, with more volume and will have a younger look.

The Truth Vitality's True Volume Conditioner gives intense hydration, volume and more shine. It stimulates the growth hair, giving it strength and shine thanks to its ingredients of macadamia nut oil, beta-sitosterol and caffeine, which is ideal for dyed hair, eventually making it manageable.

Vitality's includes a wide range of shades of hair dye, more than 100 shades for coloring hair. For example, the dye hair Vitality's is crafted in Italy, has in its component protective oils, such as the jojoba, olive oil, and the rice which help in getting particular shades, shining. This does not harm the hair, and the oils from which it is designed, leaves your hair soft and healthy.

Also, the Vitality's oxidant dye permanent is specially created to get the desired shade. It has a creamy consistency and adhering perfectly to the shaft hair, providing a bright color in combination with the Vitality dye hair.

So, with the Vitality's you part of a superior quality at affordable prices.

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