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Specialized in hair care products, styling, and coloring,  Wella offers a wide range of products that can be successfully used by any person, for any hair type. Wella products offer a special structure that allows the scalp to breathe, without to aggravate or affect in any way the shaft hair. Moreover, they are designed to protect and nourish the hair in depth, giving it brightness, shine, and hydration.

Professional hair care, just with Wella

Wella has launched for the first time, a range of exclusive products in salons, which were subsequently placed on the market for the general public. So, the products can be used successfully, even at home.

Made up of several natural elements, the products they extend further its portfolio of beauty, giving people the opportunity to choose from a wide range of products which characterizes. For hair lacking volume and vitality Wella shampoo is a perfect choice. For example, Wella Enrich Professional Shampoo with extract of keratin and polymers help your hair and prevents split his. Rich in carefully selected ingredients, such as extract of silk or shea butter,   Wella professional shampoo has a pleasant smell, gives hair a silky, facilitates combing and helps to get glamor as diamond.

Wella permanently product for hair coloring was first approved by the European Centre for allergy Research Foundation (ECARF). So the people from Wella are always confident of the quality of their products because they are constantly tested by the most skilled specialists who say the word in terms of their degree of efficiency. Such as, Wella hair dye is famous due to the effectiveness of its ability to cover better, resulting in a vibrant color.

Wella Koleston hair dye is a pioneer of the brand due to the wide variety of shades, but because that succeeds best to cover white hair, gives an intense color and guaranteed results. Most clients and stylists from all around the world confidently use these products, such as Wella Koleston is in the top world of products of hair care.

Wella Illumina Color hair dye is a range used in salons perfume, but at home too, because it offers a strong coverage to the yarn white, offers feeding, intense color, and a natural sheen. Products in this range come with a wide palette of colors, being on the taste of each person.

An innovative product offered by Wella is the Wellaton dye mousse that brings intense and vibrant shades, without too much effort. Products in this range are easy to apply, does not flow and penetrate deep into the structure of the hair, with an intense coverage of the white wires. The bottle dye, shake well, and then apply as a shampoo, from the roots, up towards the peaks.

For a mild coverage up to 50% of the white wires, the Wella Color Touch hair dye without ammonia thanks to its ingredients: the molecules of color, keratin, and natural wax leave your hair neat, natural, healthy, full of shine and with irresistible reflexes of light.

Also, this brand was the first to released exclusively the line of products for men. Thus, the trimmer Wella Contura is provided with blades of stainless steel and a comb removable to create the most spectacular contours. Has an ergonomic design, the coating of chromium, it is easy and can be used both in professional salons and at home too. It does not make noise because it is equipped with low vibration and is very easy to use.

Given that Wella was, first of all, the company that deals with the making of wigs, and at the moment it collects annually hundreds of pounds of hair used for an extensive research in laboratories, resulting in the end in the best results. The products from Wella gives you a lot of benefits for each product in the hand is adapted to the problems that can occur in time, they helping to repair degraded hair and nourishing the hair in depth from the outside.

So, for a shiny, hydrated and well cared hair, Wella products are always those that deserve our attention! 

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