Care Fusion

The range of care from Wella Professionals that offers up to 95% more hair strength against breakage*.

*in comparison with a shampoo for normal hair.

The innovative Formula Fusion Silksteel
  • Inspired by one of the most strong fiber in the world, swirls, innovative formula Fusion Silksteel contains lipids and amino acids from silk. This complex of active ingredients penetrates the hair shaft up in the cortex and they repair instant preventing breakage later. Even the most damaged hair will feel fresh, invigorated, soft, elastic and resistant.

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Treatments for hair from the range Wella Enrich

The range Wella Enrich

Wella Professionals is a brand specialized in products for hair care, coloring and Styling that can be used both in the salon and at home. In what follows, we will stop at the description of the products for hair care,