Illumina Color

Illumina Color Wella Professionals and Illumina New Color Naturals Collection contains 11 new colors very natural, bright and shiny, is aimed at women who love the look of natural sites, with plenty of light and brilliance. Illumina Color is the biggest innovation in the field of hair coloring in the last 20 years from Wella Professionals. This range incorporates Microlight technology, designed to protect and care for hair fiber. Pigments that accentuate the brightness and brilliance and that allows light to pass through the hair, reflecting all colors of the spectrum from the inside.

The result is a light reflectance up to 70% higher.

Illumina permanent professional paint Wella Color offers pure shades, bright and youthful for a natural look. The hair color gives natural beauty, enhance brightness and offers reflections which enhances brightness. Creamy formula and pleasant texture, which is based on moisturizing ingredients, leaves hair silky soft and deep, rich hues that will highlight the beauty of hair.
Illumina Color moves hair color to another level: manages to give hair softness and naturalness that are so hard to achieve when it comes to hair colors, and luminosity in any kind of light, meaning that "wow" effect that everybody is trying to get it.

With Illumina Color each strand will get their own personality in perfect harmony with light.

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