Invigo Nutri-Enrich

Collection Wella Wella - Invigo Nutri-Enrich repair and nourish damaged hair. Products in this range contain high quality ingredients that improve the structure of capillary.

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Treatments for hair from the range Wella Enrich

The range Wella Enrich

Wella Professionals is a brand specialized in products for hair care, coloring and Styling that can be used both in the salon and at home. In what follows, we will stop at the description of the products for hair care,

Wella Professional for a beautiful and healthy hair

Shampoo and conditioner Enrich Fine

Hair healthy, strong and shiny, which successfully cope with comparable repeated, periajelor or application of the products of Styling must be cared for properly with professional products of the highest quality.

Wella Professionals shampoo

Shampoos Wella Professionals

The advantages of the shampoo are diverse and not limited only to cleaning the hair. Shampoos must act gently on the hair to make it beautiful, fresh, delicate and pleasant to the touch