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Men who go to the salon are interested to benefit from more services, not just a simple haircut and Styling. To meet the demands we have to consider the fact that they have specific needs and the solutions that we present must also be with the specific men's. Usually, men are experiencing the following problems: dandruff, sensitive scalp, irritated scalp, thinning hair, thinning scalp capillaries, hair loss, incaruntire.

SP Men decode perfection by providing products and treatments customized to cover the entire spectrum of needs: healthy hair, Styling easy, color Naturala.
  • They seem perfectly healthy, the scalp perfectly balanced, without any problems
  • Collection of products SP Men meet all the needs of the hair and scalp. The range is based on three different categories of treatments that are used separately but can be mixed for more force.

COMPLETE CARE: shampoos and treatments-tonic which respond to the specific needs with which they meet men in terms of hair and scalp.

Styling SUPERIOR: products Styling-aids that decodes the look of your unique, individual, perfect.

TINTING or your expert in repigmentarea hair gray, in two variants, for black hair and brown hair.

Perfection double, for hair and scalp

Having embedded in formulas technology of the latest generation, SP Men offers you the perfect solution: SP Men Decoding Service, a treatment which is done in the salon which treats hair and scalp at the same time. Thus, the departure from the salon, you can enjoy a total look neat, attractive. Is Natural like your hair to be exposed continuously to the action of toxic free radicals and environmental factors affects both the hair shaft and scalp. The hair thins, starts to fall out, the scalp becomes sensitive, it descuameaza. SP Men Decoding Service uses a complex active treatment of the scalp in the treatments in the form of Tonic and a formula with ingredients of the hardening and strengthening in the treatments in the form of Elixir to remove these negative effects.

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