System Professional - Styling

SP Styling presents you the opportunity to create hairstyles perfect without any compromise in terms of care, I mean a healthy Hair, a Styling custom, a Finishing without blemish, a Shine vibrant. Care ritual starts with SP Hair Alchemy and continue with the new SP Fusion Service that combines products for hair with the care final.

Technology SP Styling for the perfect hairstyles, the super-bright

Technology SP Styling smoothes the surface of the hair. Thus, the light is better reflected and the shimmer effect is maximum. SP Polishing Technology is based on a complex of polymers of smoothing, oils and care ingredients with different consistencies, being able to fill in the gaps in the surface of the hair. The end result is a the surface of the hair perfectly smooth, much improved, that light can better reflect, thus obtaining a gloss amplified.

Discover the highest level of personalized care, created in the alchemy of the perfect between Styling and CARE.

By combining a product of the end which with a product of Styling, the stylist creates a new formula with a consistency and performance different from the original products, for new and varied hairstyles so the result will be a completely new one, with true custom: the volume and effect of silk, loose curls and soft, straight hair with volume, texture with gloss intense.

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