You know that you choose the fragrance ?

You know that you choose the fragrance ?

Any person must choose their parufmul so that it will represent and reflect his personality. That does not mean that a man has to use just one fragrance, but can have several with different flavors for any special moment in life. The perfume has its own language and reveals what words to leave in suspension: moods, feelings. He combines the emotions with the memories of both voluntary and involuntary and talks about the way in which we come in touch with ourselves and with others. Therefore, our relationship with the fragrance oscillates between attraction and repulsion. The vacillation is due to the fact that the smell is the only one of the five senses that is not related to the neocortex, the neutral zone of the brain and the seat of language, of reason and decision. He is directly linked to the limbic brain, the seat of the emotions. The phrase "I can stand this perfume" express, in fact, the size of the emotional instinctive odor. The attraction to a fragrance and repulsion for one another is evidence of the search for the unconscious to safety. If before exclusive was intended to eliminate unpleasant odors, today the right choice gives the tone mood, giving them at the same time those around you a sample of the personality.

In any case, the fragrance is a weapon of seduction, so most of the times both women and men they use this technique to flirt, and to attract attention. By the way, when you find something in the smell of your own to another person, near the occurs instantly, and when I don find that something, one can speak of a true rupture. A couple that you better understand it is always united and through a related olfactory. The choice of a particular perfume has to do, first of all, with the desire to draw him on the other close of your own body. And disorder is greater with the smells wake up the ghosts and emotions of intimate. The language of odor is complex, convey messages that hide the sides of the personality and can open up flaws, expectations and even their most intimate secrets. What woman doesn remember to be used in adolescence a fragrance intoxicating to hide her shyness and to assert femininity just discovered? Any perfume evoke an archetype (Lolita, femme fatale, etc.) with which the woman identify. That explains why some women are faithful the whole life of a single fragrance and why others are in a kind of search intimate of the Grail.

The floral fragrance

With the safety and you e one of the women who tried at least one time a fragrance with floral accents. Exclusive floral enjoy the greatest popularity. The reason? The floral Aroma is sufficiently discreet and subtle as not to disturb the olfactory senses of people around you, and enough persistent enough to spread a pleasant aroma. Among the most popular floral notes include rose, levanțica or gardenia, in different combinations, so that the fragrance that fits the personality of your. Choose a perfume with floral scent the day, at the office, at school or on a romantic date. Nina Ricci is well-known to launch its products with floral accents. For example, eau de parfum for women Love In Paris – Nina Ricci is a fragrance that manages to be liked very many women. Also, eau de parfum Very Irresistible from Givenchy is the favorite of many stylish women, being known for its ability to perfume the skin for a long period of time.

The sweet scent

Stylish women, who adopt most of the times a fashion style in this note, prefer sweet scents, fruity. Essences fruity belong to the category of perfumes sweet, matching the stylish woman, who wants to get out always in the track in a nice way. The sweet fragrance that this type of fragrance it spreads is the result of the combination of the essences of fruity and floral. Let yourself be conquered by the notes of mango, apple, peach or cherry when you get out in the city in the evening or when you go with your lover to a romantic dinner. Due to the fact that this type of scent usually has a pretty strong smell, it is not recommended to use during summer time, as the sweet smell can become unbearable in the spaces dark and warm, even for keeping. Bvlgari is the brand very famous among women strong, sexy and irresistible. Jasmin Noir part of the creations of the renowned traditional perfumery. Carlos Benaim and Sophie Labbe, being a floral-woody fragrance and designed specifically for mature women, elegate, who loves luxury. The composition of this fragrance play just one concert smell, with notes of flowers and fresh juice of the plant. Most often this fragrance is used as an accessory, such as a gem and thanks to design unique, elegant and lush.

The scent of fresh

Most of the young women, energetic and active rather exclusive fresh. They usually have the flavor of cictrice and they are perfect regardless of the season. Made of unprecedented combinations of the essences of orange, lemon and other citrus, the fragrance with the smell of fresh can be sprayed in the morning because it will give you all the energy and freshness you need for your start in the force day. You can opt for a fragrance fresh even when you go to the gym or when you practice any type of sport, being "fitting" perfectly. Also, if you e the kind of person who wears even when going to the beach, then the fragrance with the citrus flavor is the ideal choice for you.

Eau de parfum – Thief Couture from Givenchy is no favorite of many women. If ever you have not tried this perfume, I advise you to do it and you will fall in love hopelessly. This fragrance is a tribute to the fashion and deminitatii, providing an air of sensual, glamuros, passionate and vibrant. In the top notes the scent play scent of the nectar of the raspberry with the orange and bergamot spiced with pipet, vetiver and magnolia. This fragrance manages to fold on the skin of any woman, being like a second layer of the skin and oozing passion, elegance, sensuality, sophistication and an unmistakable style.

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